Work in Transition

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PLDL has partnered again this year with the Institute for Policy, Ethics, and Culture (IPEC) for its 2023 lecture series, “Work in Transition,” featuring outstanding thinkers (TikTok content creators, professors with TED Talks and popular books, a lawyer and a poet/musician). The first virtual event kicks off on Tuesday, March 14, at 7pm. Find series registration links at :

“Work in Transition” explores the transforming world of work from key perspectives: the long view of the history of work, the emergence of new forms of work, the challenges of the new workplace, and what work might look like in the future to build a better world.

PLDL is thrilled to announce that we are offering free books from several of the authors in the series, and several books that complement the series topic, thanks to the generous support of IPEC and MI Humanities. Stop by the library and pick up a book and follow along with the series.

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