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Below are links to PDFs of PLDL’s monthly newsletters and older editions of our quarterly PRISM Newsletter.

PLDL Newsletter July 20242024/06/28Download
PLDL Newsletter June 20242024/05/31Download
PLDL Newsletter May 20242024/05/01Download
PLDL Newsletter April 20242024/03/29Download
PLDL Newsletter March 20242024/03/01Download
PLDL Newsletter February 20242024/01/31Download
PLDL Newsletter January 20242024/01/02Download
PLDL Newsletter December 20232023/11/30Download
PLDL Newsletter November 20232023/11/01Download
PLDL Newsletter October 20232023/10/02Download
PLDL Newsletter September 20232023/10/02Download
PLDL Newsletter August 20232023/10/02Download
PLDL Newsletter July 20232023/10/02Download
PLDL Monthly Newsletter June 20232023/05/31Download
PLDL Monthly Newsletter May 20232023/05/31Download
PLDL Monthly Newsletter April 20232023/05/31Download
PLDL Monthly Newsletter March 20232023/03/14Download
PLDL Monthly Newsletter February 20232023/02/14Download
PLDL Monthly Newsletter January 20232023/01/14Download
PLDL Monthly Newsletter December 20222022/12/14Download
PLDL Monthly Newsletter November 20222022/11/14Download
PLDL Monthly Newsletter October 20222022/10/14Download
PLDL Monthly Newsletter September 20222022/09/14Download
PLDL Monthly Newsletter August 20222022/08/14Download
PLDL Monthly Newsletter July 20222022/07/14Download
PRISM Newsletter Winter 20202020/12/14Download
PRISM Newsletter Spring 20202020/03/14Download
PRISM Newsletter Winter 20192019/12/14Download
PRISM Newsletter Fall 20192019/09/14Download
PRISM Newsletter Spring 20192019/03/14Download
PRISM Newsletter Winter 20182018/12/14Download
PRISM Newsletter Fall 20182018/10/14Download
PRISM Newsletter Spring 20182018/03/14Download

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