Borrowing Information


Loan Limits

In general, you can checkout 25 items at a time.

Type                              Limit                          Loan Time                  

Books-New                     4                               2 weeks

Books-Per Author          4                               3 weeks                        

Books-Per Subject         4                               3 weeks                   

Magazines                      4                                1 week, not renewable

Audio books                   6                               3 weeks

DVDs                                6                                1 week, not renewable

Music CDs                       6                               3 weeks

Checkout Notes

HoldsWhen you request an item to Hold for you from our library or another library, we will contact you when it becomes available. After 7 days your items will be removed from the Hold shelf and made available to other patrons, or sent back to the lending library.

Fines – As of July 1, 2018, the library no longer charges a fine for materials returned past their due date.

Lost & Damaged Books – If a book is lost or damaged by a patron, is it assessed a replacement cost based upon the catalog price in the library’s collection record. The library does not accept book replacements.




Effective Nov. 18, the library building is closed, but curbside services are available. The Hancock Library remains open. Click here for more information.