Borrowing Information


Loan Limits

In general, you can checkout 25 items at a time.

Type                              Limit                          Loan Time                  

Books-New                     4                               2 weeks

Books-Per Author          4                               3 weeks                        

Books-Per Subject         4                               3 weeks                   

Magazines                      4                                1 week, not renewable

Audio books                   6                               3 weeks

DVDs                                6                                1 week, not renewable

Music CDs                       6                               3 weeks

Checkout Notes

HoldsWhen you request an item to Hold for you from our library or another library, we will contact you when it becomes available. After 7 days your items will be removed from the Hold shelf and made available to other patrons, or sent back to the lending library.

Fines – As of July 1, 2018, the library no longer charges a fine for materials returned past their due date.

Lost & Damaged Books – If a book is lost or damaged by a patron, is it assessed a replacement cost based upon the catalog price in the library’s collection record. The library does not accept book replacements.