RFP for General Contractor

The Portage Lake District Library is seeking a proposal for a general contractor to assist with construction of prefabricated walls, electrical improvements, painting, and other renovation upgrades for the library redesign project to begin this spring.

A pre-bid/walk-through will be held on 1/13/2023 at 1:00 PM at the Portage Lake District Library. Bids by qualified General Contractors will be accepted at the Portage Lake District Library at 58 Huron Street, Houghton, MI 49931 before 4:00 PM, EST, 1/20/2023.

Questions concerning the Request for Proposal should be addressed to: Katrina Linde-Moriarty, Library Director, Portage Lake District Library, 906-482-4570 ext. 110 or preferably emailed to: katrina@pldl.org.

Full information about the bid process and redesign project can be found in our Request for Proposal: PLDL Redesign Project Management Document.

Why Redesign the Library?

The new PLDL building has been in operation at the old Gundlach site since June 10th, 2006. For 16 years, the library has become a dynamic crossroads for the community. It is now time for an interior redesign to meet the future needs of our community by increasing private meeting spaces, replacing worn furniture, and reimagining the welcoming atmosphere of the library.

Image describes reasons for redesign using library's mission words: Imagine, Discover, Connect.

When and what will be redesigned?

Phase 1: May 2023

  • Fresh Carpet and Paint
  • 3 New Rooms for Meetings and Studying
  • Mobile Shelves in Children’s Area for Flexible Programming
  • New Teen Area

Phase 2: Late 2023

  • New Furniture throughout the Library
    • Lounge Seating
    • Computer Stations
    • Youth and Tween Areas
    • Meeting, Study, and Conference Room
    • Programming Room
    • Staff Areas
  • New Circulation Desk


To be Continued…

More information coming soon!