Keweenaw Garden Club Zoom Program Monday, 10/19 @6:30pm: Butterfly Gardening with Dr. Thomas Werner

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In this presentation, you will learn the differences between butterflies and moths. The life cycle of a butterfly will be shown from the egg to the adult. The main focus of the talk is to introduce you to a couple of the more commonly seen butterfly species that you can find flying around in the city of Houghton (and other places of course). These species would be your prime targets for butterfly gardening. You will also learn how to correctly identify a Monarch.
Dr. Thomas Werner grew up in former East Germany. He started collecting and breeding butterflies when he was 10. He did his PhD in insect immunology and molecular biology in Umea, Sweden, using fruit flies as lab animals. Thereafter, he did a postdoc at the UW-Madison, studying fruit fly wing color patterns. Since 2010, he has worked at Michigan Tech, where he is now Associate Professor. Thomas has published a comprehensive fruit fly identification guide for the Midwest and Northeast, and he will cover the remaining parts of the U.S. mainland in the future. He has also done butterfly, moth, and fruit fly field research in the Huron Mountain Club for seven years.
Link to Drosophilids of the Midwest and Northeast —

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